Hi, I’m gireesh! 

What’s up, I’m Gireesh . I’m a fitness Enthusiastic living in Bangalore India . I am also a fan of and sports & Travel.

I help beginners take control of their health and fitness by eliminating confusion and creating sustainable habits. I am confident I can guide you towards your dream body with long lasting results!


I have undergone my own health and fitness journey these past couple years. I know what it is like to feel lost or defeated when it seems like nothing is working. Everything changed when I hired my own fitness coach. She educated me, transformed my health, and inspired me to help others in the way she helped me. I want to create that same confidence in you and instill life long healthy habits.


 Having a fitness coach of my own and going through the journey myself has really helped me determine the approach I want to take with helping you. I am ready to guide you through my 1:1 coaching program to give you the results you want.





My Values & Beliefs A Sustainable & Holistic Approach to Fitness


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Are you ready to take control and Gain Your Next step?

 I truly had zero self confidence and let my body make me feel like less of a person. 


Fast forward to the next photo, I feel so sad for the past version of myself. I resent treating myself so poorly and looking down on myself. But without those low moments I would not be where I am today. 


I was tired of struggling silently and not knowing how to take control of my health and fitness. I hired a fitness coach and with her help I learned the proper way to achieve the physique I wanted. I fell in love with treating my body with care, learning about nutrition, working out, and shifting my mindset. It became more than just the way I looked. It became about how I presented myself.

It is okay for your fitness goal to be physical but along the way you will grow in ways you did not expect, just like me. I want to give you the same experience I have had and give you the freedom from the cycle and mindset you are in. 


That is why I have put together my 1:1 coaching program.


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